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Timidity and dating

Being shy isn’t all that bad. Sure it can make talking to women rather difficult, but there are ways you can increase your confidence without changing your personality too much. After all being timid also means being polite and respectful, and you don’t want to lose those two characteristics for the sake of being more confident. Instead why not embrace that you are timid and accept it; you can then move on and start looking for a date.

Being shy online

A lot of dating today takes place online with dating websites increasing in popularity by the day. This provides us with a way to contact new people without exposing ourselves too much; which is of great help for those of us who are a little or a lot shy. Contacting new people doesn’t require being face-to-face with them; in fact you can do that by staying sat down at your computer. The first thing you want to do is to figure out what sort of dating you’re into; as there are a lot of different niches out there.

Shy dating

Being shy can influence what you want to do with other people. For example a lot of timid people end up going for BDSM dating. This is because this sort of dating gets you to role-play so you can step out of your usual character and be someone different. Whether you enjoy getting dominated or you like to reverse the role; you can use a BDSM hookups dating site and find other people who want to play along with you. Some shy people enjoy pushing things further by being dominated whilst others like to reverse the situation and be the one on top. Why not try both?

Meet other shy people

You’re not the only one out there who finds it difficult to talk to others; there are in fact many others in your situation. So when you create your online dating profile; just say you are shy and you are looking for other shy people; that way people who are more like-minded will respond to your profile as they will feel more at ease speaking to someone who understands them better. Basically the idea is simple: embrace who you are and use that to meet people who are similar to you. The more alike we are the better we get along; and finding the right person is what online dating should be all about.

Increase you confidence

They say that practice makes perfect and they are not wrong. If you spend enough time dating then you will get better at talking to other people; that’s a fact. Being shy is part of your personality but it also can stop you from doing the things you want; so you need to acknowledge that and just practice meeting new people. Lucky for you the web is full of people to speak to; so start messaging people at first until you feel confident that you can speak to them in the flesh. Just stay who you are but practice talking to others more and your timidity will become less of a hindrance. No pressure; just do it at your own pace and you will get a better grip on things.


Hooking up with the right people

Online dating is easier than traditional dating, but that doesn’t mean that you end up with the right partners. It makes sense as there are many people using those sites, and you can’t always get it right when you’re swimming in a sea of potential partners. The best you can do is to keep on trying until you find the right person, but there are certain things you can do to increase your chances of landing on the ideal partner; so let’s take a look at what you can do.

Look in the right places

This might sound obvious but a lot of people still get that one wrong. There are many dating sites out there, so many in fact that it becomes outright confusing. Should you use this popular site or that more obscure one? Well that depends entirely on what you want to do. Let’s say you’re looking for a serious partner, a future wife or husband. If that is the case then your best bet is to meet new people by using a traditional dating site where people look for love too. To put it simply you wouldn’t use a site like if you were looking at putting a family together. If sex is what you want then you should use such site, as those adult dating sites have many members who will be happy to chat about sex and hook-up for a good time.

Trying new things?

You don’t have to know exactly what you want to do, as a lot of us don’t know 100% what we want until we get it. But you need to at least have some sort of clue about what you want. The best thing to do is to be honest when you create your online dating profile. Just say that you are up for trying new things, maybe someone will get back to you because that is what they also want to do. Or maybe you will want to say that you want to be taught a thing or two in the bedroom department; hoping someone will be up for teaching you a trick or two!

Don’t lie

Whatever you’re looking for, your best bet is to stay honest and not lie. The more you tell the truth the more you will attract people that are closer to your actual needs. Lie and people will contact you about things you might not be interested in. Lying doesn’t fare so well because people catch onto it, and you just can’t get away with pretending you are someone you are not. If you want to stay out of trouble and you want to attract the right partners then do yourself a favour and be true to yourself. Sure you will get less responses to your messages but the people who do get back to you will be a better and more appropriate choice as they will contact you for who you are. If you want to hook-up with the right partners, then just keep things honest and natural and just be patient; people will be interested if you give it the time.


Are love and companionship the same?

Love has always been a delicate subject. For some it is a feeling whilst for others it is just a fact of life. As much as we love our friends and siblings for being around us and knowing us; the way we love our partner in a relationship feels like a different thing. But they are both called love so how do we describe love really? It is obviously subjective to different points of view; but it seems like love and companionship are concepts that are often closely linked to one another. So how does love differ from companionship; are they even the same?




Let’s take a look at the idea of companions first. Most of us are social beings and as such we need the company of other people as part of our daily lives. That’s because being alone cannot only be boring; but it also means that we don’t have people to share our feelings with which makes us feel lonely. Not only that but we need other people for vital reasons. If we were truly alone then there wouldn’t be any shops to go to; no foods being picked from the earth; no roads to drive on. So we can establish that we do need other people; if anything to survive.

It goes further though; as being alone can lead us to go slightly crazy. Our brains are very active and we need to interact with people in order to keep our sanity. Without others we are left to our own thoughts; which can lead us down the path of madness. The truth is that companionship is a necessary part of life; whether we want someone to meet and fuck or just to talk to; and only a few people can do without it. Those who don’t need it are happy to be left alone to live the life of a hermit; but that is not an option for most people.




Whilst companionship is a state of being; love is a state of mind. The media around us tries to portray love in a certain way; often attaching romance to it. The truth is that love is more than just feeling infatuated by someone. Some people often confuse infatuation and lust with love as they are equally intense feelings; but the truth is that there is no real definition of what love actually is. For some it means getting married whilst for others it is just what they feel when they know they can trust someone in their lives.


So are they the same?


The best way to place it is that love requires companionship but companionship doesn’t necessarily need love. Companions can be people in our lives who are there to distract and entertain us; whilst the people we love are much more important to us. So to conclude love and companionship can be mutual but they are not exclusive to each other. But ultimately it is best that you are surrounded by companions whom you trust and can feel love for; it makes for a much richer and happier life.

Voodoo Love Spells: What Are They and What Can They Do?

Voodoo love spells, as with all spells, can have positive outcomes as well as negative effects. Learn if Voodoo love spells are right for you and your target individual.

Voodoo is a centuries old practice that has been handed down through generations. Voodoo was originally brought into America by the slaves as traditional shamanic magic, but over the centuries, it has been largely influenced by contemporary religions. The true center of what most people commonly consider Voodoo is Haiti. A saying that Haiti is “80% Roman Catholic, 20% Protestant, and 100% Voodoo” is a perfect way to show just how Voodoo has been influenced by contemporary religion.

Voodoo love spells are just as varied and powerful as any other Voodoo practice. It’s important that you find a Voodoo practitioner that can meet your needs and it’s not suggested that a novice attempt to dabble in Voodoo magic. Many of the spells require a deep spiritual connection with the forces that aid in powering Voodoo. It’s also important to realize that even voodoo love spells cannot force another person to fall in love with you. While you can bind that person to you, using voodoo love spells, it is not possible to force the emotion of love. Voodoo love spells are especially useful in pre-existing relationships or when used to draw a person toward you.

Many spells include the possibility of negative side effects, however these consequences can be minimized if your intent is pure and free of negative emotions. It also helps if you or your practitioner casts regular protective spells both before and after the voodoo love spell has been performed. It’s important to remember that voodoo love spells are not generally reversible or if they are – they’re incredibly hard to undo. Make sure that you discuss your desires openly and honestly with your chosen practitioner, this ensures that the right voodoo love spell will be performed and your ultimate desires will be realized correctly the first time.

Voodoo love spells work by removing obstacles that keep you from experiencing the time necessary with your target individual. They draw the target individual toward you and repel any distractions that may be standing in the way of your successful relationship. This may include other types of spells alongside of the voodoo love spell. Vanishing spells and protection spells may also be important to realizing the full potential of voodoo love spells.

Voodoo requires the assistance of many Gods and spirits and it’s important that you show these deities the proper respect if you wish to have favorable results. Any reputable voodoo practitioner will tell you that they are servants of their Gods and spirits, not the other way around. Remove any hatefulness or negative energy from your heart and mind before attempting to cast a voodoo love spell, even if you’re employing the help of an experienced practitioner. You must have whole, balanced, and focused energy throughout the time (and well before) the spell is being performed. Do not be under the influence of any mind altering substances or situations- even being sick or feeling unwell. This ensures that you are seen as making a respectful request of the Gods and spirits, instead of demanding their help. Negative emotions are often correlated with negative results to the person hoping to cast the voodoo love spell.

Voodoo love spells surround the most basic practices of Voodoo itself, which means that there is no “white and black” magic involved. Evil magic done for evil purposes in Voodoo is considered “red” magic and is usually never practiced. If you enter into a voodoo love spell with mal-intent, there is a chance that the spell will reflect that hate back onto you. It’s therefore important that you are clear about your intentions before you employ the use of voodoo love spells. Divination is an excellent method to unveil your true desires or subconscious intent should you be unsure before beginning. Signs and symptoms of spell backlash are many and uncomfortable. If you think you have been the victim of a curse, or are suffering backlash from a spell, it’s important to seek the advice and aid of a knowledgeable practitioner.

While voodoo love spells may not be for everyone, the great many people who do require their assistance find themselves with favorable and noticeable results. If you believe that voodoo love spells are the right direction for you to take to realize your dreams, there is definitely a practitioner out there that will help you along the way.