Are love and companionship the same?

Love has always been a delicate subject. For some it is a feeling whilst for others it is just a fact of life. As much as we love our friends and siblings for being around us and knowing us; the way we love our partner in a relationship feels like a different thing. But they are both called love so how do we describe love really? It is obviously subjective to different points of view; but it seems like love and companionship are concepts that are often closely linked to one another. So how does love differ from companionship; are they even the same?




Let’s take a look at the idea of companions first. Most of us are social beings and as such we need the company of other people as part of our daily lives. That’s because being alone cannot only be boring; but it also means that we don’t have people to share our feelings with which makes us feel lonely. Not only that but we need other people for vital reasons. If we were truly alone then there wouldn’t be any shops to go to; no foods being picked from the earth; no roads to drive on. So we can establish that we do need other people; if anything to survive.

It goes further though; as being alone can lead us to go slightly crazy. Our brains are very active and we need to interact with people in order to keep our sanity. Without others we are left to our own thoughts; which can lead us down the path of madness. The truth is that companionship is a necessary part of life; whether we want someone to meet and fuck or just to talk to; and only a few people can do without it. Those who don’t need it are happy to be left alone to live the life of a hermit; but that is not an option for most people.




Whilst companionship is a state of being; love is a state of mind. The media around us tries to portray love in a certain way; often attaching romance to it. The truth is that love is more than just feeling infatuated by someone. Some people often confuse infatuation and lust with love as they are equally intense feelings; but the truth is that there is no real definition of what love actually is. For some it means getting married whilst for others it is just what they feel when they know they can trust someone in their lives.


So are they the same?


The best way to place it is that love requires companionship but companionship doesn’t necessarily need love. Companions can be people in our lives who are there to distract and entertain us; whilst the people we love are much more important to us. So to conclude love and companionship can be mutual but they are not exclusive to each other. But ultimately it is best that you are surrounded by companions whom you trust and can feel love for; it makes for a much richer and happier life.

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