Timidity and dating

Being shy isn’t all that bad. Sure it can make talking to women rather difficult, but there are ways you can increase your confidence without changing your personality too much. After all being timid also means being polite and respectful, and you don’t want to lose those two characteristics for the sake of being more confident. Instead why not embrace that you are timid and accept it; you can then move on and start looking for a date.

Being shy online

A lot of dating today takes place online with dating websites increasing in popularity by the day. This provides us with a way to contact new people without exposing ourselves too much; which is of great help for those of us who are a little or a lot shy. Contacting new people doesn’t require being face-to-face with them; in fact you can do that by staying sat down at your computer. The first thing you want to do is to figure out what sort of dating you’re into; as there are a lot of different niches out there.

Shy dating

Being shy can influence what you want to do with other people. For example a lot of timid people end up going for BDSM dating. This is because this sort of dating gets you to role-play so you can step out of your usual character and be someone different. Whether you enjoy getting dominated or you like to reverse the role; you can use a BDSM hookups dating site and find other people who want to play along with you. Some shy people enjoy pushing things further by being dominated whilst others like to reverse the situation and be the one on top. Why not try both?

Meet other shy people

You’re not the only one out there who finds it difficult to talk to others; there are in fact many others in your situation. So when you create your online dating profile; just say you are shy and you are looking for other shy people; that way people who are more like-minded will respond to your profile as they will feel more at ease speaking to someone who understands them better. Basically the idea is simple: embrace who you are and use that to meet people who are similar to you. The more alike we are the better we get along; and finding the right person is what online dating should be all about.

Increase you confidence

They say that practice makes perfect and they are not wrong. If you spend enough time dating then you will get better at talking to other people; that’s a fact. Being shy is part of your personality but it also can stop you from doing the things you want; so you need to acknowledge that and just practice meeting new people. Lucky for you the web is full of people to speak to; so start messaging people at first until you feel confident that you can speak to them in the flesh. Just stay who you are but practice talking to others more and your timidity will become less of a hindrance. No pressure; just do it at your own pace and you will get a better grip on things.


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